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  • Alps Edition


    For products that are elegant and high-quality, reflecting the prestige and beauty of the European Alps.

  • Andes Collection


    Suitable for a diverse and versatile range of products, as the Andes is one of the longest mountain ranges.

  • Fuji Line


    For products that are aesthetically pleasing and refined, inspired by the iconic and picturesque Mount Fuji in Japan.

  • Himalaya Range


    Perfect for products that represent strength and resilience, inspired by the vast and challenging Himalayan range.

  • Kilimanjaro Set


    Suitable for unique or standalone products, akin to the singular prominence of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

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    Modular Explorations 01 by Porae


    Porae’s ‘Modular Explorations: Minimal House’ offers an innovative collection of free samples, loops, and sounds, expertly crafted for house music producers. Embrace the fusion of experimental, minimal, and traditional house with this pack’s avant-garde modular synths. From textured beats and glitchy percussion to hypnotic basslines and ethereal pads, each element is designed to inspire and elevate your music production. Tailored for the minimal house genre, this pack is your key to exploring new sonic landscapes and integrating unique sounds into your projects. Discover the creative possibilities with Porae’s groundbreaking approach to sound design.

  • Pyrenees Pack


    Suitable for products that are versatile and adaptable, much like the diverse environments of the Pyrenees.

  • Rockies Line


    Ideal for robust and durable products, drawing from the rugged nature of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Sierra Series


    Good for products that are innovative and cutting-edge, much like the striking and unique landscapes of the Sierra Nevada.